Keep baking all summer long with these summer baking tips and favorite summer desserts!

The hot summer months are not my favorite time to bake. Keeping your home cool can be tough enough without your oven adding to the heat. Add in heat-sensitive ingredients and

humidity, and you can have less than stellar baking results. However, summer also brings wonderful seasonal ingredients like berries and stone fruits that shouldn’t be missed.

These are my tips for making the best of summer baking along with some favorite desserts for the season. Let’s battle the heat of summer together and still have homemade

dessert to enjoy!

We all know that your oven can heat up your kitchen quickly. That’s why I prefer to bake early in the morning or in the evening when the outside temperature is lower. Sure, you

’ll still be adding heat, but doing so at a time when it’s a little cooler will make things a bit easier on you and your air conditioner.

In keeping with minimizing the heat from your oven, look for baking recipes that don’t require a lot of oven time. A simple cake or a pan of mini cupcakes will bake much more

quickly than a Bundt cake or even a pan of brownies. If you’re a cookie baker, try baking a pan at a time to avoid having the oven on for all the time it takes to bake dozens

of cookies. You can refrigerate the dough between batches or even freeze the dough to bake when your cookie cravings strike.

Speaking of cookie dough, keep in mind that a warmer kitchen will also make your cookie doughs warmer. If the butter in the dough begins to melt, you could end up with flat,

tough cookies. You can try scooping and baking your cookies quickly. But if you refrigerate the dough before baking and between batches, you’ll avoid a lot of issues.

This applies to pie crusts, too. It’s not unusual on a warm day to end up with a too warm, too soft pie crust once it’s rolled, placed in the pan, and the edges fluted. When

that happens, just put the pie pan in your refrigerator for a bit to let it cool and rest. Honestly, I usually do this year-round, but I often leave it longer in the summer. The

freezer works, too!

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If you love spiced desserts, then don’t miss these Spiced Cheesecake Bars with plenty of spices in both the crust and the filling!

I can never resist desserts loaded with lots of spiced flavor. Those warm, comforting flavors are just irresistible, especially in the fall and winter. Combine those great flavors with cheesecake, and there’s no way I’m not helping myself to a generous serving event space.

These Spiced Cheesecake Bars have plenty of spices in both the crust and the filling. For the crust, I like to use speculaas cookies for their incredible flavor. You most likely know those as Biscoff cookies, but there are some other brands available, too. You can also try other spiced cookies like gingersnaps or cinnamon graham crackers. (Be sure to see my tips for making a cookie crumb crust rental serviced apartment.)

The cheesecake filling has its own great blend of spices. This is a combination I use frequently, but feel free to adjust if you prefer something a little different. If you have a spice blend you like to use, that will work, too. I often have a batch of Fall Spice Blend on hand for just this kind of recipe.

When it’s time to serve these bars, top them with a simple sweetened whipped cream. I also like to add half of a speculaas cookie on top for aesthetic purposes and for an excuse to have more of those cookies UK Visa.

If you’re really into the whole spiced thing, try adding a little cinnamon to your whipped cream when you add the sugar. Then you’ll for sure have a spice lover’s dream dessert!
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I’ve been trying to branch out a bit in my baking this holiday season. Granted, I will probably always be drawn to what I deem traditional, but making new things is certainly admirable. This was my first foray into making rugelach. It seems these cookies have evolved and adapted through the years, so this version may be nothing like the traditional version. However, they are quite tasty, and that’s the point of baking, right Hong Kong Work Visa?

I would say this recipe is involved, yet not complicated. There are many components, including working with and rolling out dough. While that element is way down on my list of desired baking activities, this is a simple dough that didn’t present many complications. Keep in mind that putting the dough in the refrigerator or even briefly in the freezer can make your life much simpler.

These cookies have a bit of everything in them Amway double x. Pastry, fruit preserves, cinnamon, chocolate (or raisins if you want), and nuts. The combination of flavors might seem overwhelming on paper, but they all compliment each other in the final product Meeting room Rental.

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I found this recipe while flipping through Nick Malgieri’s Perfect Cakes. He prefaces it by saying that he makes this cake about half a dozen times every summer Sage online. Knowing how

much I have liked his recipes in the past, I did not hesitate to turn on the oven and get to baking.

Like most of my favorite summer recipes, this is a quick and simple cake to make. For the sake of convenience (and because of the state of my local produce), I used frozen

blueberries BNO Visa.

One of the variations suggested is to substitute sour cherries for the blueberries. Quinn has quite an affinity for sour cherries, so I’m definitely on the look-out for some to

top off this cake dc brushless motor.
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In case you were wondering, I’m still just as much of a fan of chocolate and peanut butter as I’ve ever been. I hope at least most of you share that sentiment because you’re likely to see that combo on this blog for years to come coworking space.

We start with dark chocolate cookies. These are pretty delicious on their own. I love the addition of roasted peanuts to the cookies. I don’t think I bake enough with peanuts. Sure, there are plenty of recipes here with pecans or hazelnuts or almonds. But, peanuts just don’t show up nearly enough hearing aid hk.

Sandwiched between those dark chocolate cookies is a sweet peanut butter filling. It’s a really simple and quick filling to make. If it gets too warm as you’re working with it, just stick it back in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

If, like me, you are a fan of all things chocolate and peanut butter, be sure to see my collection of BoB’s best chocolate and peanut butter recipes atlaspace.

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As I was making that lovely Raspberry Almond Crumb Tart earlier this week, I began thinking about some of my favorite baking recipes that use berries. These days, berries are amway probiotics

available pretty much year-round, but there’s just something about fresh local berries that is extra exciting. As we head into berry season, it seems like a good time to start

thinking about what to bake with all the berries that will soon be on their way.

I’ll start with a sentimental favorite. My mother used to make a dessert called Blueberry Crunch, which is very similar to Magnolia Bakery’s Blueberry Jamboree. Sure, she used 48 volt dc motor

Cool Whip and canned pie filling, but it’s still the same idea. It’s a lovely layered dessert with a nutty crust, creamy filling, and a fresh blueberry topping. This is a

favorite go-to dessert for me when it feels just too hot to bake.

Continuing with the cool dessert theme, this Fresh Berry Tart is a pretty perfect spring and summer dessert. It’s a tad more involved than most of the recipes I make, but you

get the added bonus of a delicious pastry cream filling and an amazing sweet crust. This tart is so very adaptable, too. Use your favorite berry or a combination.

I just recently made this Raspberry Shortbread Fool and was amazed by how very good and how unbelievably simple it is. I added a layer of shortbread underneath all of that

raspberry and cream goodness, but you could just make the traditional fool and serve on its own tax in china.
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Up your chocolate chip blondies game with these Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Brown Butter Blondies. They’re packed with good stuff like nuts and toffee and, of course, chocolate chips Natural vitamin!

With spring comes spring cleaning. Specifically, I get an overwhelming urge to clean out my pantry. And, by pantry, I mean those couple of food-containing cabinets in my expectedly small New York apartment. The lack of space is good in that I don’t tend to hoard ingredients, but it doesn’t take long for it to have that feeling that it could all fall out on me when I open the doors.

Of course, with that cleaning comes the discovery of some ingredient odds and ends. I must confess that some of my favorite things I’ve baked have been a result of a little pantry purging. Combining handfuls of this or that can lead to a really great treat. And, that is exactly what we have here with these Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Brown Butter Blondies: a wonderfully delicious blondie packed with so many good things that I couldn’t even attempt to include them all in the title of the recipe hearing aid.

I opted for a denser blondie than I usually with these blondies. I also decided to go big flavor-wise by using browned butter. Hey, if you’re going to melt the butter anyway, why not brown it? I just love the rich, nutty flavor it adds.

Then come all the extras. My first thoughts for add-ins usually turn to chocolate and nuts, so I made good use of chocolate chips and hazelnuts. Then I added in some toffee bits for a little crunch and for upping the buttery, brown sugar-y flavor.

These blondies are so wonderfully rich and flavorful. They are so adaptable, too. Substitute your favorite add-ins or do a little pantry purging and see what you can find to spruce up your brown butter blondies recipe myob premier!
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Pound cake isn’t exactly revolutionary. It’s been around for ages. Sure, it’s gotten tweaked here and there over the years with some deviations from the standard pound ratio idea. But, there’s no mistaking the dense, buttery taste of pound cake Virtual office address.

This particular variation features a big boost of flavor with a crumb filling and topping made of chocolate chips, cinnamon, and sugar. I don’t know about you guys, but that combination pretty much always gets me excited about dessert.

This is the kind of cake that is a well-recieved dessert as well as a wonderful indulgence for a coffee break. The flavors are perfect, a wonderful combination of basic ingredients. It gets a little extra flavor from some cream cheese and just the right amount of almond extract shared office tst.

You’ll want to share this one. It’s a big, tall cake just perfect for a casual gathering Immigration Service Hong Kong.
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